A dental crown is a fixed restoration that covers damaged, cracked or broken down teeth. A crown strengthens your existing tooth, preserving its functionality and hugely improves the appearance of your tooth and smile as a whole. There are a number of options for dental crowns, and at CDS, our dentist will help you to select the best crown to suit your dental needs.

What is Porcelain Crown?

A crown strengthens your existing tooth, preserving its functionality and hugely improves the appearance of your tooth and smile as a whole. There are a number of options for dental crowns, and at CDS, our dentist will help you to select the best crown to suit your dental needs.


Why might I need crowns?
  • Protect weak broken or worn teeth
  • Improve the cosmetic appearance of your tooth
  • Align a tooth to improve your smile
  • Provide support to a dental bridge
  • To cover a dental implant
What type of dental crown is best for me?

E-MAX Porcelain Crown:
Without question, the E-max dental crown is the most aesthetic type of crown there is. They are mostly placed on front teeth.
Using highly pressed ceramics and layering techniques, the natural tooth-like translucency of the E-Max dental crown can match the beauty and appearance of your own teeth almost flawlessly. At CDS we endeavor to utilise E-max dental crowns where possible as they are the ultimate in dental cosmetics. Ideal for front teeth, smile line.

Zirconia Porcelain Crown:
This all ceramic dental crown is highly aesthetic and very strong.
It’s zirconia base marries optimum aesthetics with superior strength to provide a superb cosmetic dental crown that can withstand the strongest forces of your bite. Zirconia dental crowns are ideal where aesthetics are of primary concern but extra strength may be required. Excellent option for front teeth or back teeth.

Porcelain Bonded Dental Crown:
A bonded dental crown provides a warm aesthetic finish with high strength. This crown requires slightly less tooth removal and so is kinder to your underlying tooth. There is a thin metal layer underlying the porcelain which provides strength but does not allow for the natural translucency of all-ceramic crowns. Porcelain bonded dental crowns are ideal for back teeth.

Gold dental Crowns:
These dental crowns are the “gold” standard in strength, tooth preservation, and marginal fit. Although not tooth-colored, a gold dental crown is superior in that your tooth requires minimal preparation and enamel removal prior to fitting. They have excellent longevity and are functionally superior. Gold dental crowns are ideal for back teeth where aesthetics are not a concern but fit, strength, and longevity are a priority.

What’s involved in a dental crown?

The procedure for a Dental Crown is simple and pain-free. It only requires two dental visits. Once you have discussed all treatment options with your dentist, they will then prepare your tooth for crowning.  by gently reshaping the tooth under local anesthetic. A dental impression or a scan is taken of your teeth which are sent to our specialized dental lab to fabricate your new crown to fit perfectly to your tooth. The dentist uses digital photos and a master dental shade guide to select the perfect shade match for your dental crown. Finally, your dentist will fit a temporary dental crown.

On your second visit, the dentist will remove the temporary and place your new custom-made dental crown to see if it fits with your smile correctly and both you and your dentist will check the color and shape. Once you are happy with your dental crown, the dentist will permanently cement the crown in place, and you will leave CDS smiling.

How long do dental crowns last?

The lifetime of a dental crown depends on how well you look after your teeth. Provided you have good dental hygiene, attend your dentist regularly for checkups, your dental crown can last anywhere from 10 – 20+ years.

Are dental crowns expensive?

The cost of a dental crown will depend on the amount of work involved, the type of dental crown, and the quality of the work which we at CDS, always standover. All dental crowns are tax-deductible at a rate of 20% which can be a significant saving to you.

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